Message From Our Rector
Dear Young People of Iğdır University,
I sincerely congratulate you and your very precious families who supported you and your whole-life teachers for your determination and success in the university exam that you have taken after a long education and a very hard and tiring preparation phase for the construction of your ideal future.
rapidly rising quality education opportunities to make a correct and appropriate choice for your future, physical and research and development equipment, young, dynamic, for the future with specialized academic staff and student-centered educational approach in the field of large promising, Turkey Igdir, one of the youngest university University I thank you for choosing, I say welcome to your new home.
Our university, which will be more dynamic and strong with you, aims to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for your professional life. In addition, it will provide all kinds of support for you to be an individual who is better prepared for life in every respect, beneficial to society and generating value for humanity. All research, learning, experimentation, testing, etc. in your scientific and professional fields at our university. In addition to your activities and practices, many places and fields are waiting for you, which will enable you to develop yourself in social, cultural, artistic and sports fields according to your interests.   


                                                                                                                      Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakkı ALMA